Calcification in the Body

Is calcification bad? Could the alkaline mineral calcium, which your body builds bones out of, actually be bad for you? Although it is the most prevalent mineral in the body, there is a huge difference between calcium that your body can utilize, and the one that ends ups clogging your arteries and slowing things down, as if your body was clogged with corals or limescale.

"Calcification in the body is the stiffening of joints, plaque on the teeth, hardening of arteries, impaired brain function, aches and pains, and much more." - David Wolfe

One of the main-sources of bad calcium, surprisingly, are the calcium supplements you buy in the health food store.

Other sources include limescale in tap water, calcification and calcium-forming organisms in the meat, etc. In the following I will summarize some of David Wolfe's research on the topic, about how to start clearing calcification from the body by detoxing bad calcium, and also how to avoid retaking it in.

"... this ocean, which we call our body, may have a similar metaphor to the oceans that we see up there on our earth. And [...] wherever there is stagnation, there will be the formation of molluscs, clams, oysters, coral, and other shell-forming organisms. We've discovered one shell-forming organism [in the human body] thus far: nanobacteria - and I guarantee you we're gonna discover more."
- David Wolfe

The first half of this article is mainly based on information from David Wolfe's 'Longevity Now Program' audio tapes. The audio is brilliant (although expensive) and if you like the snippets of information I present here, please purchase either the 'Longevity Now' book or the full program.

Longevity Now book by David Wolfe - View on Amazon.

Death by Calcium - book, view on (Amazon).

"... this is probably shocking news to everybody listening right now because we have heard it over and over and over again that we need calcium to build strong bones - yet, the scientific research shows otherwise. The more calcium that we take, the more calcified we become and the quicker we retire from this earth and more aches and pains we experience along the way. The calcium theory has probably done more to damage our health than any single theory in the history of humanity."
- David Wolfe
"... we have a problem with one of the main minerals we thought we required for healthy metabolism and bone density and that mineral [...] is calcium. The over-abundance of calcium is a major factor for why we age, why our joints feel stiff, why we have inflammation and why we're tired..."
- David Wolfe
calcification, bad calcium
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While calcium is one of the four most important minerals needed by our bodies (magnesium, potassium and sodium are the other three) Wolfe argues that our bodies can produce the good calcium we need itself, as long as there is enough silica, magnesium and potassium in the food we eat.

A list of main culprits causing calcification, according to David Wolfe:
  • lime scale in tap water ('hard' water)
  • 'hard' natural water
  • calcium supplements
  • egg shell
  • meat of animals that have calcification in them
  • calcium-forming organisms, such as nanobacteria
"So we are exposed to calcium-forming organisms by contaminated municipal water, creek water, river water, even - and especially - well water, and then, if we consume animals that are consuming that water, then those calcium organisms, that bad calcium, which is lodged into the muscle tissue and organs of those animals, arrives inside of us. [...] And that bad calcium, and those organisms, are not destroyed by cooking. [...] Nanobacteria form shells made of calcium phosphate, otherwise known as apatite [...] Apatite is a stone-formation..."
- David Wolfe
"Calcium supplements we know cause calcification, they contain spores of calcium-forming organisms and it's time to get rid of them. They have nothing to do with building bone density and they age us prematurely and cause aches and pains."
- David Wolfe
Calcification manifests as:
"When we review what is really going on - with innocent perception - amongst all the conditions we see before us - whether it's arthritis, or heart disease, or kidney stones, or gall stones, or dental plaque, or breast cancers - what we see, is that there is a calcium component to all of them and many other conditions. [...] ...calcium plays a critical role in the advancement and progression of all disease conditions and all age-related syndromes. Now, this absolutely flies in the face of the conventional scientific theory."
- David Wolfe
"These calcium sediments then [...] accumulate in certain areas of our body, depending on where we have energy stagnation. For example, if we have energy stagnation in the joints of our hands, then we have arthritis showing up in our hands, if we have issues in our lungs it will show up as calcium in our lungs, if it's in our skin it will show up as psoriasis and eczema, which have a calcification component. If it shows up in our eyes, then it will develop into cataracts, which is the formation of calcium in the eye. Any condition that we're dealing with has a calcification component. [...] And if we work on calcification, instead of working on any 'disease', we can heal ourselves and get back to square one and rebuild and rejuvenate and become younger..."
- David Wolfe
"... we age not because we are having a metabolic disorder or we've been exposed to too much time in the earth's atmosphere or too much oxidation but ultimately the real cause of ageing is being silted up with calcium and calcium-forming organisms which appear to grow geometrically over the years of our life and eventually cause a major breakdown of our tissues and organs and our joints, ligaments, as well as tendons."
- David Wolfe

[Update: I think it is a combination of many things... Calcification but also individual cell metabolism is very important for excellent health and anti-aging. But the cell metabolism has a lot to do with the correct balance of good calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium as well! See calcium toxicity for more information

bad calcium, calcification, limescale
Stalacmites by Mono Lake in California, produced by calcium-creating organisms. Thank you for the image.
"If we're taking calcium supplements, what we are actually ingesting is bad calcium, it's not usable, it's not useful, our body cannot make heads or tails of it. We don't have enough magnesium and other calcium-binding elements, such as high-spin Ormus elements and/ or hydrogen, to make that calcium digestible and eliminate it, so it ends up [...] accumulating in those areas where we have stagnation.

This can come in the form of supplements that we take, it can come hidden in the form of - for example - bread which is kneaded into a dough with water that's probably tap water, the tap water itself has calcium in it, and therefore getting hidden sources of bad calcium entering in our body [...]

... if we eat a chicken or if we had a burger or something we think, well, there can't be any calcium in there, but actually there are calcium-forming organisms resistant to heat that are still in that burger or in that chicken and eventually we become hard. [...] I have done a lot of body-work with people over 20 years and one of the things I have noticed is that when people have a really poor diet, and they haven't been paying attention to the water they're drinking, that their tissues and their muscles are hard like a rocks. Why is that? Well, it's because they are loaded with bad calcium..."

- David Wolfe

How to Detoxify Calcification from the Body

David Wolfe provides a list of many foods and supplements we can take to start breaking up and detoxifying calcification from our bodies. This is an integral part of his Longevity Now Program. For example, we become younger as we restore the mineral silica into our bodies and reduce calcification. Other problems can then be cleared out after calcification is dealt with, e.g. candida becomes a lot easier to address. Below is a list based on Wolfe's talk on the benefits of getting bad calcium out of the body.

Benefits of clearing calcification and calcium-forming organisms out of the body:
  • enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • improved immune function
  • radical improvement of candida symptoms
  • the elimination of free radicals and free radical cell damage, which causes wrinkles, cellulite, baldness and aging
  • increased energy and vitality
  • reduced stress levels
  • improved physical endurance and strength
  • radical improvements in bone, skin, teeth, nail and hair mineralization
  • changes in the bone density (calcium causes us to lose bone density)
  • sometimes metabolic changes and thyroid changes
  • toxic load of the body drops down
  • weight loss
  • normalization of body pH levels (pH 7.0) enables all our cells to function in an optimal healthy environment
  • results even for asthma and allergy - allergy reactions will be brought down
  • reduction of painful PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • improved ability to regenerate damaged tissue and recover from injuries
  • becoming younger

Key calcium dissolvers according to David Wolfe:

  1. Liquid Zeolites (a natural volcanic mineral) - very strong negative charge that draws to itself very toxic, positively charged air pollutants, pollutants that reach our body through cleaning supplies, pesticides, chemtrails, disinfectants, furniture polish, construction materials, construction finishing materials, food additives, bad calcium, plastics, petrochemicals, heavy metals, food toxins, etc.
    Zeolites are a 'super-clay' and have been used in Asia for over 800 years for healing and cleansing. Liquid zeolites are recommended, as they are more absorbable. Add one drop of liquid zeolite for one ounce of drinking water and up from there. E.g. 12 ounces of water for 12 liquid zeolite drops, a relatively high dosage.
  2. MSM = Methyl-sulphurnal-methane = crystallized, oxidised, more-stable form of DMSO (DMSO2) that can be taken daily. Assists the immune system in breaking down bad calcium. Western world is massively deficient in sulphur. MSM has a tremendous, long history in helping to improve calcium and inflammatory system. Best anti-inflammatory ever discovered for your money. Increase slowly to about 500mg twice a day. (Pine-resin MSM is recommended, in your morning water.)
  3. Fulvic acid (not folic acid). Powder or liquid. It will harm your teeth. It poisons little critters, such as: fungus, yeast, mold, bad bacteria, nanobacteria, and viruses. Provider of powerful natural electrolytes, one of the most powerful antioxidants, detoxifies bad calcium, heavy metals, pollutants, and improves enzymatic reactions in cells. (Also a massive benefit for soil for growing plants.)
  4. Shilajit - highest natural concentrator of fulvic acid of natural herbs. Contains almost 3% of fulvic acid and also natural mineral compounds.
  5. DMSO, also called 'alchemical sulphur' is a healing sulphur compound, catalyst in the destruction of bad calcium. It's found in tree barks, aloe vera, noni fruit, marine phytoplankton, grasses, amino acids, other foods. DMSO is a concentrate from natural environment. It is similar to high-spin ormus minerals. Use topically. Don't ever ingest it, especially if you have metals in your mouth. Goes right into the joint or affected area. If you get a heated reaction it is too much, use with caution, it could burn you. Very inexpensive and powerful. "DMSO - Nature's Healer" by Dr. Walker - book. Wash skin with hydrogen peroxide first, dry off, spray or drop off DMSO into the affected area. Use very conservatively until you feel slight heating of skin. Do not get clothes or any other material into contact with it, because it can pick up toxins and carry them with it into the body. Educate yourself before using it.
  6. Liquid ormus gold used topically - very powerful bad calcium destroyer. Works with your body's intelligence in identifying the bad calcium. To be used on the skin, not eaten!
  7. Eat foods rich in sulphur, silica, magnesium. You can get silica from: horsetail, nettle, hemp leaf, oat straw, alfafa, young plants and mature grasses.
"... these books that are out there say that we are an energy field, quantum physics are saying we're an energy field: How can an energy field have no energy? Well, here it is: We've got gollums in the gears, we've got sand and sediment in our tissues, that are interfering with the electrical impulses that transfer information and vitality. Toxic calcium is an insulator and therefore it can block these electrical impulses."
- David Wolfe

In addition to purchasing the Longevity Now Program this book may be useful further reading:
"The Calcium Bomb: The Nanobacteria Link to Heart Disease and Cancer" by Douglas Mulhall and Katja Hansen

"We should be able to achieve these results of remarkable healing naturally. It's the toxic load and the bad calcium and the poor water choices and all of that added up on top of itself - and even in spite of all those bad choices we're still doing reasonably well but what happens when we line it up? I mean, this human body is an incredible device. It is the most sophisticated device on this earth. My goal is to turn it totally on. Give this body the fuel, and the nutrients and the materials and the energies it needs in order to function to perfection.

"I'm interested in perfection. I'm interested in ideals. I'm interested in activating the fringes of my imagination because that's where we are now. That's where our technology is taking us. This is the precipice of a massive transformation in consciousness. This is the precipice of a massive transformation in the earth itself. We are stepping into maturity and we are developing now systems, with which to make this earth a paradise, and make our inner earth, our inside, a paradise. We are noticing results of significant transformation in age-related symptoms and a restoration of our natural ability to achieve longevity."
- David Wolfe

Update: How I Detoxified Calcium

My recent experience with calcium detoxification would first seem to go slightly against David Wolfe's theory. Let me then explain a slightly different twist to the story...

I got a mineral analysis done from my hair and as a result, found out that I had a 'calcium shell', i.e. very high levels of bad calcium in my body. I guess the calcium was interfering with the electronic information transmitted through my body, as Wolfe says above. I say this because my mineral analysis report explained that calcium shell kind of numbs you down from emotions and is a kind of a protective shell against the world.

But... the strange thing is that I was advised to take calcium supplements as part of the programme to correct this! I was horrified at first and directed the nutritionist to this article... He said that what Wolfe says is generally true but only of calcium supplements that are not bioavailable. So whereas David Wolfe seems to imply that ALL calcium supplements are bad, the nutritionist made a difference between good quality supplements and bad quality ones. I refused to take the supplements for a long time but eventually took some. It is impossible to say if the calcium supplements made me feel better or were good for me because I was doing so many things at once and taking many supplements - but the end result was that I started detoxifying calcium, according to my later mineral analysis retest.

So although I was calcium toxic, the reason was not that I had too much calcium in my diet, but that the calcium was not being properly utilised by my body and as a result, deposited in tissue it was not meant to be stored in. The easily digested calcium, according to this theory, was important to correct the calcium deficiency that resulted from the malabsorption of this mineral.

Interpreting the mineral analysis results is quite a science and it seems contradictory at times. You can make your own judgement by reading my full report of the experience. But I do generally seem to feel stronger when I take the supplements recommended based on the mineral analysis, so I am quite excited about the ongoing progress with the mineral tests and the related nutritional program.

The reason I started detoxifying bad calcium (as suggested by the retest results) is that my endocrine system got stronger - and the body in general got stronger as well. At least this is the explanation by the nutritionist. Adrenal glands healed, thyroid got stronger, and digestion, immune system and metabolic rate improved. The cells showed evidence of becoming more permeable to nutrients.

So, in conclusion, I am now of the opinion that some forms of calcium are good, such as calcium from vegetables. But it is not only the quality of calcium, it is also a question of whether your body is able to utilise that calcium. Everyone's body is different in that sense, I guess. My body was not able to utilise it but was storing it in tissues... until I generally got stronger.

I am not yet completely free of calcification, in fact there is quite a bit left to go. But I'm going in the right direction.

Are There Health Benefits of Calcium?

Assuming that your body can utilise calcium - and assuming that the calcium you get is of good kind, bioavailable - these, below, are the benefits generally attributed to calcium as a nutrient. Remember, though, that David Wolfe seems to say that we don't need calcium in itself because as long as we get enough silica, magnesium and potassium, the body will be able to make its own calcium. I personally don't know if this is true or whether calcium ALSO is a beneficial mineral.

Benefits of Sufficient Calcium Levels in the Body:

  • Sufficient levels of calcium help to keep the blood alkaline. If a person eats acidic food and doesn't have sufficient calcium available, the body will pull calcium out of the bones to make the blood alkaline.
  • Strong teeth and bones.
  • Required for nerve signalling.
  • Calcium is also needed for the secretion of certain hormones, enzymes, and for muscle contraction.
  • Barbara Wren says that the correct amount of all four electrolyte nutrients: calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium moving in and out of the cells is required for the cells to function properly, for us to stay properly hydrated, and for the electricity of the cell to be correct. Not too much and not too little calcium, then.

Calcium Supplements Ranked writes in Understanding Calcium: The Best Forms of Calcium Supplements, that calcium carbonateis one of the worst kinds of calcium supplements available today and very hard for the body to utilise. These are their other findings:

Calcium citrate, apparently, is better than calcium carbonate because but still very difficult for the body to utilise.

Oyster shell calcium, dolomite, and bone meal are natural forms of calcium and are easier for the body to utilise but these are often contaminated and thus also not recommended.

Calcium gluconate is not recommended, calcium lactate has only medium bioavailability and calcium phosphate is only bioavailable from natural sources and not supplements.

Calcium citrate melate is more bioavailable than the ones listed above, and 'calcium orotate' is the main calcium supplement recommended by the above website.

The calcium supplements I have been taking (which are 'bioavailable' according to the mineral analysis nutritionist) have in them 'calcium from hydrolyzed rice protein chelate' and 'calcium citrate USP'.

Calcium Makes Water More Conductive

Sodium (salt) is needed in the body to make the water more conductive. That is why 70% of the human body is not only water, but salt-water. The quality of salt is important here, you can read more at: Benefits of Salt.

But an electrolyte, by definition, is a solution with free ions in it which make it conductive. So salt water is an electrolyte but calcium water is as well! Blood is an electrolyte. And so it seems that good calcium in the body is ionized calcium (or colloidal calcium?).

Calcium is an actual earth metal and so it is understandable why, when suspended in water in ionic particle form, it makes liquid more conductive to electricity.

Criticism of Calcification Chelation Therapies

Dr Lawrence Wilson agrees with David Wolfe in that EDTA and other chelating agents can remove significant amounts of calcium from the body. However, he also believes that these therapies also remove some essential minerals, and may be somewhat toxic to the kidneys. He explains that Nutritional Balancing Program can remove most toxic metals at much deeper levels, faster and safer, whereas chelation therapies don't respect the body's natural order of healing and metal removal, and furthermore, are not necessary. This theory is presented in Dr. Wilson's book entitled: "Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis: A New Science of Energy".

Personally, I prefer the idea of zeolite and other inexpensive chelation therapies because they are cheaper and easier to do, but that doesn't guarantee that they are the best way. The jury is out

I have used both methods, the Hair Mineral Analysis -based metal detox and limited quantities of zeolites. The advantage of the Nutritional Balancing Program is that you can see in your three-monthly reports which heavy metals are detoxifying.

Is Calcium in Spring Water Harmful?

I get asked a question about spring water and calcium a lot - i.e. should one worry about the calcium levels in natural spring water. This, and the different forms of calcium that the body can and cannot utilise are discussed in the article linked to below. Almost all of these findings seem to be in harmony with David Wolfe's theory explained above.
Is Calcium in Spring Water Harmful?


Vitamin K2 may reduce or reverse calcinosis (calcification) and vitamin D2 may cause it.

According to Weston Price Foundation (Garrett L. Smith) nightshades and/or nightshade intolerance can cause calcification. All chronic pain conditions, including arthritis have been shown to be linked to nightshades, Smith writes. Nightshade avoidance lessened pain and especially chilli avoidance (capsaicin) helped asthmatics. Many health experts recommend that those with autoimmune conditions, as well as those with gut and digestion problems, should avoid nightshades, whereas for others they may not be a problem.

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