Benefits of Spring Water

Most of us have by now heard of the health benefits live food can provide... but whatabout live water? Live spring water can be much more beneficial to us than most people would ever guess. In this article I will attempt to awaken your curiosity and begin explaining the benefits.

Water that is 'alive' is - simply - fresh, clean, organic, and unprocessed - i.e. natural drinking water in its purest form. This may include fresh spring water, bottled spring water, snow and ice, water in fresh fruits (e.g. live coconut water), rain water, morning dew, etc. All forms of the good-ol' H20.

Good quality live water avoids all the contaminants in tap water, e.g. copper and other metals leaching from the pipes, the bacteria and organisms that may be living in the pipes, contaminants that cannot be purified by water purification plants (such as estrogen), as well as added toxins, such as chloride and sometimes fluoride. In addition, if your tap water is hard it will have plenty of bad calcium in it, in the form of limescale. But much has been written about the dangers of tap water elsewhere, so I will not dwell deeper into this topic.

It is worth pointing out, however, that because tap water is essentially processed by various methods, it is not 'alive' anymore. Whether you believe in life force present in natural food and substances, or just consider the beneficial bacteria that may be lost, the 'dead' water is less beneficial to us.

To take a radical example of this, Masaru Emoto has famously claimed that water has "intelligence" and is able to carry messages, as well as react to our thoughts. In his book: 'Messages in Water' he demonstrated that both written and spoken words, as well as music, dramatically changed the crystalline structure of water when seen under a microscope.

But if you think about how complex life is, how little we know, and how essential water is to any known lifeform, it becomes quite believable that there is more to water than what meets the eye...

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"It is extremely important to realize that water is a solvent. We can transport life into our bodies with living water - and with dead water we often transport death.

"The electronic communication between cells needs an alkaline environment, which balances out acidity."

- Hannu Kantola in a Finnish health magazine: Luontaisterveys

Much of tap and well water is too 'hard', i.e. acidic, Kantola continues to explain. In his view natural spring water is the best type of water, although it can be difficult to obtain for many people. He advices against more industrialized, pumped spring water. Even a couple of meters in a metal pipe destroys the geometry of the water, he explains. He personally uses a water filter he purchased from Berechtesgarden mineral baths in Germany for 110 euros. Live water is able to transmit energy vibrations, wave lengths and resonance. By contrast, an acidic diet interferes with the microcurrents of electricity in the body.

Wild Water, Wild Blood

Daniel Vitalis, host of the site: Find a Spring, calls live spring water 'wild water'. He makes many interesting points in this video: "Daniel Vitalis Speaks about Water and More":

  • He advices on giving up drinking bottled water and filtered water. He calls these 'plastic tea'.
  • There is massive estrogen pollution in our drinking water.
  • Fossil water (spring water), has been underground for a really long time, maybe 1000s or 10,000s of years. They are stored in aquifers, underground lakes.
  • Human body is mostly made of water, food is just a little bit of something you sprinkle in there.
  • You can completely replace the water in your body in two days.
  • Best water is found in the springs - and stored in glass containers.
  • "You change your body water - you change your blood. The water you drink, within a few minutes, becomes your blood. You want wild blood, not domesticated blood. Not tap water blood."
  • Over 50 pharmaceuticals are found in most metropolitan centres' tap water.
  • There is a levitational quality in spring water, the consciousness properties, structural properties... The molecular arrangement of hydrogen oxide is in 'a formation'. Structured water, which is 'in formation', conducts information, and will give you higher level of intelligence. It will network your brain.

These are bold claims, but, even if half of it is true, it is well worth switching to drinking living water. My plan is to get a spring water delivery, although in plastic bottles. It will in any case be much better than 'dead' tap water.

Read on though, it gets wilder.

The Micronutrients, Probiotics, Energies and Homeopathic Solutions in Live Water/ Miracle Water

Ken Rohla (the author of gives a very inspiring talk on his site, entitled: "How To Make Your Own Nutrient-Dense High ORMUS Probiotic Antioxidant Superfoods", where he discusses live spring water, from 1:00:18 onwards. He gives an account of the whole life-cycle of natural water, and how it gets prepared by various micro-organisms, elements, and plants to become optimally nourishing for us. It is a fascinating story.

Below are some key points, where he answers the question 'can you make tap water drinkable'. No wonder they call water 'the substance of life':

"You have to put water through a lot of different processes just to clean it chemically. You gotta filter it. [...] ... if you're doing distillation then you've gotta remineralize it.

"And, water is so complex, it goes through this hydrological cycle of the earth. It is extremely complex chemically and energetically.

"It evaporates, it goes up in the sky, it becomes energised by cosmic radiation, solar radiation, reflected solar radiation from the moon, the sound of nature... ideally... birds, you know, the animals in nature... comes back down, rains down across soil and plants.

"The plants are - they are antennae, they dip into the ground and they collect energies and frequencies from the earth and they reach up into the sky and collect energies from the cosmos and from the sun, and they are transferring energy between the two all the time and the water in them, also, is a homeopathic solution! So there is this incredible energetic and homeopathy in the water just at that point!

"Then it goes down into the soil and it passes through all of the microbes and micro-organisms living in the soil. And they are doing all these quantum processes, they've got probiotics - In healthy soil, you've got ormus-minerals, you've got regular minerals in rock-mineral form, you've got humus, you've got all this organic material, you've got worms and insects, you've got all of this life in the soil that is basically breaking the soil down into monoatomic and microclustered elements just a few atoms each and delivering it to the plants and the plants are uptaking it.

"And mushrooms and fungi [...] create a root system down in the soil that is like a massive network that also breaks down these minerals into mono-atomics and delivers it to the roots. [...] One of the worms' major functions in the soil is putting probiotics in the soil. You take a bunch of worms, throw them in a box with a bunch of compost, man, it's amazing how fast they turn it into dirt. They eat like crazy and their digestive tracts are massive probiotic generators. So they're going around through the soil, they're converting things, breaking all these things down - there's this quantum process going on in their guts - and they're fortifying it all with probiotics and then guess what probiotics do? They grow and grow and grow and grow, like a colonial bacteria that they are. [...] ... and [the worms] eat, eat, eat, eat and they break all this stuff down into mono-atomic elements and other microclustered nutrients that can get into the plants that can get into your body. [...]

"So the water's coming down through all that! [...] Then it's going down into the ocropher [?] and as it's going down through the soil it's picking up all these elements and these minerals that are heavy and they're, let's say, gravitational, as David Wolfe says, and they go down into the ocropher [?] and through that process of going through those living organisms in the soil, they pick up the mono-atomic elements and they get washed down into the aquifers [?]. And when they pick up the mono-atomic elements they become anti-gravitational or levitational.

"And they start being pulled toward the gravitational field of the sun. And they start trying to come up! And, typically, they come up through the path of least resistance, which is gonna be a spring. [...]

"What [Teruo Higa] figured out was [that] these microbes have all these quantum-processes going on and you can do some really interesting things with it. [...]

"... another thing that happens in the soil... All soil on earth, on the surface of the earth everywhere is covered with soil and rock, it's crystal. All soil is crystal. It can be large or it can be small chunks but it's all crystalline. And if you know about crystals, they have real energy in them. Not some kind of new-age-woo-energy, they have real electrical energy in them. [...] Crystals are resonators of energy, they are amplifiers of energy [...] ... it's quantum physics, and you can do real, practical things with it. There's tons and tons and tons of things being done with crystals in science.

"So nature's crystallography is in the soil! And these crystals pick up energy from the sun! They're picking up all kinds of photon-energy and turning it into all kinds of other energy, and then imparting it into the water that is flowing down through the soil and picking up the ormus [minerals]... [ ...]

"So if you think that you're gonna be able to take a filter and do these things to municipal tap water and fix up your water - you can't."

- Ken Rohla

Live Spring Water Delivers Oxygen to the Cells, Balances your Body pH, Fights Bacteria and Viruses, Remineralizes your Brain, and Improves Hormone and Liver Function

Dr. Mona Harrison, the former director of the World Water Council, and a researcher at Johns Hopkins University, had a lot to say about the benefits of drinking living water, specifically, bioavailable water, which means that it is biologically available to our bodies. In other words, our bodies are able to utilise and benefit from the water.

Below is a summary key points from the following lectures by her:
"Transforming your DNA with Water"
"Sacred Water":


  • Ideally our body should be 80% water and our brain 90%
  • A typical man of 70 years old has between a half and a quarter of the water in his body compared to what he had in his youth. "Do we age or do we just dry up?"
  • Drinking any water will help eliminate diseases, but bioavailable water will help much more. It will go straight into the brain, where it is needed most.

Live water transports oxygen into your cells:

  • Most of the oxygen we breathe comes from plants in the sea but the ocean plants have turned into a desert. The 30% oxygen content of air that we should be breathing is now down to 18%. At 14% we all go into coma. Living water has a higher oxygen content and can bring additional, urgently needed oxygen into your body.
  • In addition, deuterium sulphate ('Hydrogen Plus') can be added to the drinking water. It increases the amount of good oxygen released to the system (not free radicals). It is used as drops in drinking water (also called liquid oxygen). The lungs and oxygenation capability of the body becomes better. Good oxygen (nascent oxygen) gets released, bad oxygen (free radical) gets tied up.

Healing powers of bioavailable water:

  • "Bioavailable water - doesn't only go through you but gives something back to the cells and allows the cells to start healing themselves."
  • 98% of our brains are turned off. We have fast moving brains but they need 'jet fuel' [bioavailable water] to function properly.
  • Bioavailable water consists of small clusters - 5-7 molecules per cluster, whereas tap water is typically 13-15 molecules per cluster. The smaller the clusters are, the easier it is for the water to enter the brain and into the cells. Bigger clusters can't cross the blood-brain barrier. Only the smaller clusters of water molecules can, thus, deliver oxygen into the cells.
  • Babies and children with so-called 'ADD' have fast-moving brains. They are our geniuses, but they need jet fuel for their brains. Their brains are full of iridium and rhodium, which are superconducting minerals (which you can get from: carrots, blue-green algae, grape juice, Mexican yam, other yams, Tahitian noni juice, aloe vera, shark cartilage, essiac tea). These substances are good for a fast-moving brain.

Physical qualities of good, healing water:

  • pH should be alkaline, 7 or above.
  • 'Oxidation Reduction Potential' (ORP) should be -200 or more for healing, e.g. -500 produces faster healing.
  • Electrolysis machines make water between -200 to -500 ORP.
  • 'RED water' begins at -500 and goes up to -900. It heals you faster.
  • "BEV water", also called biocompatible water, is named after 'Bio-Electric Vincents' which are units measuring the three key qualities of healing water, i.e. the pH, RH2 (oxidation reduction potential) and Resistivity (measures contaminants). The BEV units are named after Dr. Louis-Claude Vincent, who devised the measuring system.

Not recommended water treatment methods:

  • Reverse osmosis takes too much out of the water and becomes 'dead water', it cannot give anything back to the cells.
  • When you boil your water, many of the toxins get even more concentrated.

Putting electrolytes into the water mechanically:

  • Electrolysis changes your tap water into what would be equivalent to vegetable juice [in water quality]. With an electrolysis machine it is important to use platinum and titanium plates (not stainless steel).
  • The body is loaded with electrolysis membranes, similar to the electrolysis machine.

[You can add natural electrolytes [= electrically charged minerals] into water by using a little bit of sea salt, MSM, or citrus fruit juice in the water - this is called 'charged water'. I don't know if the machine is more powerful - it might be needed for some medical applications. The other word for charging water is 'structuring water', which David Wolfe speaks about in his book: Eating for Beauty. It makes the water more electrical and has apparently be shown in Kirlian photography as stronger lifeforce in the water.]

Living water can help with addictions:

  • Mona Harrison worked with long-term heroin, cocaine and alcohol addicts at Johns Hopkins University and found that they generally did not want to drink water. But when she did get them to drink good quality water, she saw good results in reducing addictions.
  • In terms of addiction, salt, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine act the same way. They act like tryptophan, the body's natural pain killer - they jump-start the brain, kick you out of depression.
  • Sugar, alcohol, tranquillizers, marijuana and heroin act in a different way. They act like serotonin and melatonin in the brain, which are made by the pineal gland. These have a tendency to slow the brain down, so that electricity can flow. But if you get serotonin and melatonin from external sources, the body begins to produce less on its own, and the gland that makes them begins to shut down.
  • Dr. Harrison used something she called 'red water' with people who were addicted to different substances. In the case of one smoker, within 45 days his taste for cigarettes was gone. [Unfortunately the information on what red water was seems not to be easily available.]
  • Refined sea water will also allow addictions to be lessened. [Note, David Wolfe warns against drinking sea water because of bromine.]
  • Why do people feel so good when taking drugs? Because they are replacing the hormones that are missing in their brain, which is out of balance. Bioavailable water will help restore the hormone balance and thus reduce the desire for the drugs and other addictive substances.

Energetic frequencies in live spring water:

  • There are frequencies in the water, which affect our endocrine system, and thus hormone ('harmony') balance. High frequency water is jet fuel for fast-moving brains.
  • All of the bioavailable waters cause the pineal gland to open up and vibrate.
  • "We're giving back to the brain the things it needs to allow it to function appropriately. [...] We're building back the neural hormones to the brain, and thus, the mental health picture improves."

Electrical properties in live spring water:

  • Dr. Cary Reams' research showed that lemon has 'a negative electron spin', which helps make our system more effective.
  • Lemon also has negatively charged hydrogen ['negative ions'] in it, which are abundant in the liver of a child but reduce with age. Lemon will help to restore that, which, in turn, will help the liver in its job of sending all the minerals and vitamins where they need to go in the body.
  • If you don't have enough negatively charged hydrogen in your body, you lose more of them from your DNA coil, which causes you to age.
  • Willard water (catalyst altered water), [food-grade] hydrogen peroxide, and lemon water add negatively charged hydrogens to the liver allowing it to perform better.

Live spring water is effective against stubborn viruses:

  • Ecoli bacteria is in the pancreas of adult-onset diabetics. Antibiotics aren't working. Bioavailable water will get rid of the ecoli and viruses in the pancreas.
  • Bioavailable water causes organisms and viruses, which are resistant to antibiotics, to leave the system. It doesn't attack good bacteria. Once an organism living in us begins to produce a toxin, the bioavailable water is able to recognise it and attack it.

Alkaline, live spring water is essential for mineral absorption:

  • 7.0 pH is the neutral point, you want to have the water above this (alkaline).
  • Sometimes lime has been added to water to hide toxicity/ acidity and bring the pH up.
  • Being too acid and too alkaline can be a problem. 7.8pH is too alkaline.
  • pH of urine and saliva should be 6.4pH, at this level we absorb all minerals. As we move away from this level, we start being unable to absorb some of the minerals.
  • Below pH 5.3 = no minerals are accepted by our bodies; pH 5.3 = hydrogen, carbon, O2, florine and nitrogen are absorbed; pH 5.6 = sodium, magnesium, silica, phosphorous; pH 5.8 = calcium, potassium, CL, sulphur; pH 6.0 = manganese and iron; pH 6.1 = copper and zinc; pH 6.2 = Germanium; pH 6.4 = Iodine is absorbed.
  • No egg or sperm will develop unless you have sufficient quantities of manganese in the body. If you're too acidic, you can't produce manganese.
  • If enough minerals can't get to a specific organ, tumors will develop.

Dr. Harrison had great results when she gave her patients Tahitian Noni Juice:

  • Noni juice has been very effective to many people, for example helping with arthritis, liver cancer, kidney cancer, and achieved "all kinds of other results".

Books on Benefits of Healing Water

"Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water" by MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans:

"The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key" by Mu Shik Jhon and MJ Pangman:

"Miracle Molecular Structure of Water: Human Body Loves Hexagonal Water" by Yang H Oh and Gil Ho Kim:

"The Miracle of Water" by Masaru Emamoto:

How Can I Improve the Quality of the Water I Drink Right Now

On the basis of all this research, I am inspired to start drinking live spring water as soon as possible! And although Dr. Harrison makes a point about spring water possibly being contaminated as well, I think at this stage it is such a huge improvement to the tap water I am drinking, that I feel very happy going with that.

I found a company in the UK who seem good: Cool Water Enterprises, and I can get a bi-weekly delivery of the minimum amount of bottles (2), without the water cooler. I will siphon the water out of the bottle and drink it at room temperature. This will cost me £6 + VAT per 18.9 litre bottle (4.2 gallons) and £1 + VAT delivery. (That is £15.60 every two weeks, which is $25.30 or €19.30).

My only possible worry is that the pH of their water is 8.1, and I wonder if that is too high (too alkaline). I have to do some more research on this.

If you're unable to find a clean spring close to where you live, and cannot get a water delivery, you can always buy spring water in a bottle. Check the background of the company, however, since some bottled water is just glorified tap water. Keep in mind, also, that bottled water from a shop is not ideal as it might have been sitting in the bottle for a very long time. The fresher, the better.

If you're forced to drink tap water (like I am, until I can afford the water delivery), get as good a filter as you can. Add lemon juice, natural salt or MSM into the water to 'charge' it.

Let the water 'breathe' in a glass container in the room, as the tap water - reacting with air - will release toxic chloride and take in oxygen from the air (you can see the bubbles collecting in the water). Brita filters help to some degree, as they can at least take out limescale (not a small improvement - read more here: Calcification).

Water filters that attach to your tap are in most cases better, and there are many levels of benefits you can get from them, all the way up to 'ionizing' showers, which are able to put back negative ions into your water. Consider also getting a good filter for your bath and shower, and look into putting minerals into your bath water or foot bath. Read, for example, on the benefits of magnesium baths in this article: "Cures for Moodiness".

Also, for some of the best living water, keep juicing organic greens, other vegetables and fruit!

If you live in clean nature (and not in a city like I) you can collect rain water and melt snow or ice for drinking. In a city this is unfortunately not possible because of the pollution in the air.

You can also look into refining salt out of sea water if you live by the sea. I recall having seen some You Tube videos on how to do this domestically. You might want to research bromine first, however, since this is supposedly a component in sea water which is toxic to humans (but not to dolphins for example).

Calcium in Spring Water

I get asked quite a bit whether the calcium present in spring water is harmful. People want to drink spring water but some spring water forms a white film when boiling in a pot (evidence of calcium) and sometimes a mineral analysis of the water shows high calcium.

In the article linked to below I will attempt to answer this question, explaining different viewpoints by different nutritionists, doctors and researchers and presenting my own conclusions in the end. I will also discuss whether calcium supplementation is needed and whether calcium from supplements can be absorbed and utilised by the human body. The findings are compared to David Wolfe's theory of bad calcium and the dangers of calcification of the body.

Is Calcium in Spring Water Bad for You?

Live Air

And if we wanted to, we could take this 'joy of living live' -ideology even further, by breathing live air. This would be fresh outdoor air, not processed by air conditioning, and richly oxygenated by plants or - the lungs of the earth - the oceans.

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Some interesting resources below recommended to me by a reader. I haven't read them yet myself but wanted to include them here for others to access.


  • "Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water: A Guide to Naturally Treating, Structuring, Enhancing and Revitalizing Your Water" by MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans.
  • "The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key: Scientific Evidence of Hexagonal Water and Its Positive Influence on Health!" by Mu Shik Jhon and MJ Pangman
  • "Hexagonal Water: The Ultimate Solution" by MJ Pangman
  • "Miracle Molecular Structure of Water: Human Body Loves Hexagonal Water" by Dr. Yang Oh and Gil Ho Kim.

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