Barbara Wren: Cellular Awakening

Barbara Wren: Cellular Awakening: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light (Hay House, 2009).

From the back cover:
"What if most of what you have been told about health and the human body was wrong? What if you had within you the ability to heal from any condition? [...] If you have any illness you have the potential to heal yourself. If you already enjoy great health, you can illuminate your consciousness in ways beyond your imagining. [...] Our human potential is far greater than we can possibly imagine and is intrinsically linked to what is unfolding within us at cellular level. Each and every one of the trillions of cells within our amazing bodies has the ability to hold and utilize light in the form of bio photons, which are subatomic particles of light. When a cell is illuminated the DNA within that cell is also illuminated, giving us access to the universal wisdom that is held within its matrix. By matching our microcosm (the cell) with the macrocosm (the universal energies) we begin to unlock our true nature and realise our potential for greatness."

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Cellular Awakening/ Therapies as Taught by Barbara Wren


This book truly goes beyond your typical health book. Although the writing is inspiring and the theories fascinating, very little proof in any form is provided to support the theories presented. However, although the idea of biophotons may seem fantastical, it is actually a credible scientific concept. Although Barbara Wren does not provide a theory or background on the idea of biophotons in her book, they have been confirmed to exist by various open-minded scientists.

For example: MIT's "Technology Review" published the following article in 2009: "The Emerging Field of Biophotonic Communication: The growing evidence that cells communicate with photons is generating an exciting new field of research." For a brief history of how scientists found biophotons, as well as references to publications, a good reference point to start with is Wikipedia. Biophotons are faint sources of light found in the DNA of human cells and which, according to some, such as Barbara Wren and David Jubb, are our link to the universal wisdom - the way our body communicates with the universal energy (on a subconscious level I assume) - and also, a profound energy source to power the cells.

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Barbara Wren on Water/ Dehydration/ Minerals
Barbara Wren on Healing Light/ Light Emission DNA/ Biophotons
Cellular Awakening/ Therapies as Taught by Barbara Wren


At the beginning of the book Barbara Wren provides a larger context for the personal health advice the rest of the book focuses on:

"We are living in the most exciting of times. The Earth is going through significant changes and our galaxy is moving into a new astrological age. New discoveries are being made in science and technology almost on a daily basis. New species are being discovered in the natural world, old knowledge that appeared lost is re-emerging and there is a vast amount of new information at our fingertips. We are communicating with each other at a level never before achieved. Information is now more freely available to us than it has ever been and it seems as if there is a flood of new ideas, new scientific discoveries and new news." (p. 1)

What does Barbara Wren mean when she refers to changes in the world? She specifically explains this to mean the following:
- The magnetic poles are likely to reverse in the near future
- The earth's speed of vibration, its resonance, is increasing. According to Barbara, this so-called Schumann Resonance has been steadily increasing over the last 40 years. She explains that this literally means that the planet is speeding up and we can sense that as time speeding up and also vibrational changes of our bodies.
- Dramatic increase in photon activity both from our sun and from the solar system. This, according to Wren, is brought about by our solar system orbiting around a great sun. She believes that the Ages of Aquarius and Leo are when the elliptical orbit of the solar system is closer to this great star and also when we pass though a great photon belt. She also believes that in 2012 we will fully enter the photon belt for the first time in 11,000 years, which will not only bring about the Age of Aquarius but also bring about a new era of dramatic progress and development both intellectually and spiritually, last seen on Earth approximately 2,100 years ago.

Of course these changes that are meant to happen to the world have been disputed from many different viewpoints. I believe each of them to be quite possible but see no indication that they should in fact be happening anytime in the near future. Barbara also offers no further references in relation to these claims. This perhaps highlights the main problem I have with this book: it seems to draw easy conclusions and explain the theories in quite a 'woolly' way. It is quite possible that the writer has made these claims based on her personal beliefs and may, in fact, be wrong. If Barbara's knowledge is genuine, however, it seems that she does not deem it necessary to provide scientific/ comprehensive background to her claims. Instead, she believes in following your intuition:

"In the West we have been subjected to a most enormous con. We have been taught that if we require wisdom and knowledge, we need to look outside ourselves. We have been taught that the vital information is held in libraries, in universities and in the minds of other people. We have never been taught that we can look within. Although in recent years many people have begun a journey back to themselves through meditation, yoga and other Eastern practices, there has still been a tendency to seek other people to tell us how to be ourselves. However, every time we go outside ourselves to seek our wisdom, it immediately becomes someone else's wisdom and not our own. [...] As soon as we cease to look inside and instead look outside, there is mediocrity, standardization and control across the globe." (p. 3)

The book itself is divided into two parts: "How our amazing body resonates with the universe" and "How we can help ourselves to dance to nature's rhythms". The first part concentrates on theory and explains the importance of certain minerals in the functioning of our cells and highlights dehydration as a major cause of various physical, mental and spiritual problems. The second part focuses on practical advice on how to support our bodies. In what follows, I will briefly explain the concepts under the following headings: Water, Light, Universal Cycles, Cures/ Recommended Healthful Practices, and Additional Points.

Before I move onto discussing the more detailed ideas, I will include a couple of quotes here to further understand the philosophy underlying Barbara Wren's ideas, and to define the personal health challenge for each of us to achieve:

"So much of our work together in this book will be about how to prepare the body, our vehicle, to receive and hold universal wisdom. [...] When we talk about health we are not talking about a lack of symptoms but a deep connectedness to who we are and our place within the universe. This connectedness needs to unfold at a physical, emotional and spiritual level." (p. 7)

"How you feel emotionally is without doubt the best possible indicator you have of whether you are heading towards harmony or disharmony. [...] If you consistently seek out better feelings, your vehicle will transport you on the adventure of a lifetime to places beyond your dreams." (p. 7-8)

"Whether we are aware of it or not, we feel every change in the Earth at a cellular level. [...] Nothing happens in the universe by chance; everything is part of an unfolding and interconnected process." (p. 9)

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Barbara Wren on Healing Light/ Light Emission DNA/ Biophotons
Cellular Awakening/ Therapies as Taught by Barbara Wren

Barbara Wren on Water/ Dehydration/ Minerals

Perhaps the most fascinating part of this book is a deep explanation of the importance of water in our bodies. Barbara Wren briefly introduces Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments with the crystalline structure of water and then moves onto discussing the importance of hydration to the way our cells handle minerals. As a background to her research on water Wren lists some 10 books as end-notes, including those of Olof Alexandersson, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, Sebastian Kneibb and Bruce Lipton, among others. Wren is of the opinion that being well hydrated is deeply influential to our bodies, emotions and overall well-being:

"Hydration is [...] vital. [...] ...we will see how as soon as our body becomes dehydrated, the condition of every cell membrane is changed. I refer to the cell membrane as a 'doorman', for it governs all movement in and out of the cell. [...] When we become dehydrated, the cell membrane also loses its ability to hold and store photons and our worldview is literally darkened." (p. 11-12)

She also explains that not only what we eat but also what we think and how we feel affects our bodies' water content:

"Our first principle, indeed the founding principle of cellular awakening, is that any kind of stress is registered on the water component of the body as dehydration. Furthermore, as soon as the body is dehydrated, it is expressed as stress. [...] When you consider that fully functioning brain is 80 per cent water, it is easy to see that the brain is one of the first places to register dehydration. It has been found that in some cases of very deep depression the brain can be dehydrated to as much as 40 per cent of its normal capacity." (p. 22-23) {my emphasis)

The four main electrolyte minerals of the body, Barbara Wren explains, are sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. They are held within the water in the body and cause the water to have an electrical charge. The movement of these electrolytes into and out of the cells through the cell membrane is what keeps the cells in balance and enables the correct charge inside and outside the cells at different times of the day. It also allows the cell to 'collect' photons, she explains. So correct charge and polarity of the cells is what a healthy, energetic and intuitive person must have. Thus, how do you think lack of water in the body would affect this electrical charge?

Barbara Wren calls this the body's response to lack of water as the 'dehydration alert'. This happens when the body registers a state of dehydration and starts to produce cholesterol to make cell walls less permeable and so to prevent against further water loss. Cut a long story short, this causes excess sodium to collect inside the cells and to bring the other electrolytes out of balance. Immediately, Wren explains, we lose the connection to the universal energy and wisdom, as photons cannot be held and utilised by the cell anymore. She also maintains that negative motions can have a strong impact in this process:

"Traditional Chinese doctors know that all thoughts are vibrations and that if the resonance of any kind of stress, whether it is a job you do not like or an unresolved emotion, is held within the body for two years, then there is always a manifestation within the water component as dehydration. This means that if there is anything in your life that you are unhappy about, it will, if left unresolved for two years, create a contraction of your ability to be in tune with the universe." (p. 23)

Barbara lists many conditions that can be associated with the problem described above, in short, a dehydrated body:

Causes of dehydration listed in the book:

  • Stress from unresolved emotions
  • Environmental stresses (especially electromagnetic interference, e.g. mobile phones, wi-fi and flying)
  • Not knowing who we are and not manifesting it
  • Too much sodium (salt) and not enough potassium (bananas, etc.) in the diet
  • Vaccines
  • All types of stress
  • Being out of sync with natural rhythms

So how to get back to balance?

I will discuss Barbara's answers to this below, under 'Cellular Awakening/ Cures'. But in principle:

"A simple natural diet contains simple messages that can quickly bring the body back into balance." (p. 39)

For example:

"Colon is the organ that registers whether the body is hydrated or not, and it is within this organ that we can mechanically turn off the dehydration alert in the body. It is not possible to have an allergy, for example, unless you produce histamines. The cells that produce histamines are the mast cells, a majority of which are found in the colon. It is not possible for the mast cells in your colon to produce histamines unless you are dehydrated. So our point of focus is going to be our diet and lifestyle and how those are registered in our colon." - Barbara Wren (p. 37)

"So, to recap, we are saying that the water component of our body holds the messages of who we are but also holds our charge, and the polarity created by this charge is basically how we manifest who we are. If we work to change our polarity we must not be surprised to find that we also invite in a whole different kind of life. We create a new reality. When the charge of the cell membrane is correct, with the positive outside and the negative inside, we can attract the electrons which in turn attract the photons in which is held the wisdom of the universe." - Barbara Wren (p.40)

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Barbara Wren on Water/ Dehydration/ Minerals
Cellular Awakening/ Therapies as Taught by Barbara Wren

Barbara Wren on Healing Light/ Light Emission DNA/ Biophotons

"Light is of great importance because it connects everything in the universe, including every single cell in our body. So light availability and the body's own ability to store and utilize light become very important if we are to connect with and illuminate our inner wisdom."
- Barbara Wren (p. 13)

Illustration of DNA chromosome with light
DNA chromosome illustration by Greener Ideal

"Everything that we hear, see and experience in our universe is connected, and light is the connecting thread. [...] ...we pick up information, via light, from everyone we meet. Some people have a particular talent for picking up a sense of other people just by being with them. We call this empathizing. But it is in fact very difficult for anyone to really cover up who they are." (p. 43)

Barbara Wren offers new Western knowledge to complement the ancient Eastern wisdom of the chakras, the seven energy meridians lined up along the centre of each of our bodies. She explains that each chakra is connected to an endocrine gland, which have a very important role to play in how our bodies utilize light. The glands make use of both, the light coming into us and the light flowing out - but also, they produce and emit light too.

According to Wren, this also links back to the ancient Aborigine wisdom, as well as to colour therapies (different wavelengths of light), and to cultural references of the 'light body', etc.

She then briefly summarises Dr. Johanna Budwig's research with light, where Budwig found that essential fatty acids (omega 3's and omega 6's) are able to utilise the cell membrane to hold more electrons and thus accept more photons. Her famous flaxseed and cotton cheese cancer cure was based on this idea and furthermore, she believed - together with Barbara Wren - that when these essential fatty acids are taken correctly into the body, our cells can then hold more light and we can better heal and 'tune into' the wisdom of the universe.

Although Barbara Wren does not specifically mention this in her book, it is worth noting that the "Dr. Budwig Protocol" has been credited by many as a potent cancer cure, and consists, among other things, of the of flaxseed oil (i.e. linseed oil) blended with low-fat cottage cheese. Dr. Johanna Budwig advices against processed fats: also called "hydrogenated," "partially hydrogenated" and "polyunsaturated." An interesting summary of the Budwig Protocol can be found here: The Cancer Cure Foundation: "Budwig Diet" ( .

Interesting article about biophotons and how our cells communicate by using light, at the Greener Ideal Website:
"In Search of Our Soul: On the Very Edge of an Unimagined Frontier-Bio-photons"

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Barbara Wren on Water/ Dehydration/ Minerals
Barbara Wren on Healing Light/ Light Emission DNA/ Biophotons

Cellular Awakening/ Therapies as Taught by Barbara Wren

"When light and oxygen are present in sufficient quantities in the body, transmutation can take place. This completely changes the way we view our bodily functioning." - Barbara Wren (p. 54)

The three major components of Barbara Wren's "cure protocol" are: 1) essential fatty acids (EFA's), i.e. healthy oils, 2) hydration and 3) the correct body pH (alkaline).

Firstly, the body requires true polyunsaturated, live electron-rich lipids (fats), present in abundance in raw flaxseed oil:

"It has been found that it is the photons and electrons around the cell membrane that allow the cell to breathe [cellular respiration]. [...] Electrons have a great affinity for oxygen, and the electron-rich fats [electron-rich lipids, e.g. raw flaxseed oil] within our bodies are the most oxygen active. So we can see just how vital it is for us to have the correct pH within our cells. Then the electrons, photons and oxygen within us can be utilized to their maximum potential and we can maximize our human potential." - Barbara Wren (p. 67)

And as the oils allow the body to function properly - and the cells to breathe - so, according to Wren, it balances the energy body and raises its vibration:

"The ancient Egyptians temples had special chambers where oils for anointing were mixed and other chambers designed specifically to facilitate the raising of the vibration of individuals. Anointing with oil is really anointing with light and has been linked to healing for many thousands of years, and healing is all about raising vibration and balancing energy." - Barbara Wren (p. 54)

Secondly, the dehydration alert of the body is to be switched off by reducing stress of all kinds, reducing salt, allowing the body to live in accordance with the natural rhythms, etc. as discussed in the chapter 'water', above. Then the body needs to be rehydrated. This is achieved via a simple natural diet (outlined in the book very briefly); drinking flaxseed tea; taking enemas with water, flaxseed tea, and aloe vera; etc.

"When you are fully hydrated, all fears subside and freedom moves from a possibility to a certainty. This is not only freedom from dis-ease but also freedom to dream and then to fulfil those dreams." - Barbara Wren (p. 156)

Thirdly, the body pH is to be brought back to balance. Although this is not explained in much detail, it generally would involve the same procedures: detoxifying, eating alkaline, water-rich, natural wholefoods and ensuring good oxygen-transport in the body for cellular respiration.

"When we are too acidic [low pH value], our worldview again becomes darker and more contracted, and this in turn robs us of the ability to see how to navigate through life effectively and to achieve real quality of life" (p. 13)

"... a high level of body acidity can reduce the body's ability to use oxygen by up to 80 per cent." - Barbara Wren (p. 67)

Barbara Wren also invites you to take your own case history, just as she would take the history of a client in her practice as a natural therapist. This procedure is outlined in the book, with various questions, together with guidance on how to interpret your case history. The idea is to understand how your symptoms evolve and transform over time, as well as how your body's weaknesses are linked to certain life events and inherited conditions.

As other natural therapists, Barbara Wren is also a proponent of fasting:

"Some people find it very useful to fast on the day of the full moon and indeed the body will find it most helpful to not have to use energy for digestion during this particular 24 hours. The high energy of the full moon gives the body a wonderful opportunity to cleanse at a deeper than normal level. [...] At the new moon there are many more negative ions in the atmosphere, which for most of us is much more comfortable. That sense of inner ease makes the new moon another perfect time for the body to let go and detoxify, but in a much gentler way. Some people again choose to fast on the day of the new moon to allow the body as much energy as possible to cleanse, because at this time our potential for letting go is at its highest." - Barbara Wren (p. 61)

In addition to fasting during the full and new moons, she also says there is a strong surge of energy in our bodies during the spring and the autumn equinoxes, as well as during the winter and summer solstices. However, only the equinoxes have a strong detoxifying influence, whereas the solstices are just times of high energy. Other times of high energy she mentions are the solar and lunar eclipses.

A list of things collected from different parts of the book, recommended for health and "cellular awakening":

- Hydrate your body
- Consume raw essential fatty acids together with protein
- Write your case history
- De-stress
- Have a simple, natural diet
- Ensure your diet is high in potassium and magnesium
- Ensure your diet is NOT too high in sodium and calcium
- Live according to the natural rhythms (day/night cycle, lunar cycle, seasons, etc.)
- Support the endocrine glands and ensure they are in balance
- Alkalizing diet to have the correct body pH
- Take sulphur-rich amino acids together with essential fatty acids (EFA's) (based on Dr. Johanna Budwig's research)
- Detoxify and keep the body's routes of elimination fully open and flowing
- Fast, especially during equinoxes, the full and new moons, and during solar eclipses
- Do not allow stagnation to occur in your being at any level - this includes stagnated thoughts, as well as dehydration
- Supplement with iodine

Therapies recommended by Barbara Wren:
- Castor oil packing
- Skin brushing
- Hot and cold showering
- Epson salt bath
- Mustard foot bath
- Enemas: water, magnesium, coffee, aloe vera, camomile tea, flaxseed oil, etc.
- Flaxseed oil implant (mini-enema)
- Colonics
- Etc.

There are other therapies outlined in the book, too. Some of which sound ridiculous, to be honest, but one interesting sounding one is the 'flaxseed oil enema' (also called 'implant'). This is what Barbara has to say about it:

"Flaxseed oil enemas promote a great deal of photon and electron activity within the body. This technique can be useful at the start of a healing programme to bring more light and electrons into the body. [...] On completion of this technique people often feel an incredible sense of calmness and connectedness. It is very powerful and is usually only performed occasionally, e.g. once a month or twice a year." - Barbara Wren (p. 196)

So, the cellular awakening process in summary: "The process of the three stages allows healing to take place gently and sequentially. Throughout the process we are gradually increasing the hydration and gradually changing the pH, temperature and light utilization, and what we find is that parasites and candida overgrowths will leave the body if the conditions in the [body] have changed in this way. The most important parts of the process are [...] addressing fluids, diet and oils, because once a person is more hydrated and able to hold light around their cell membranes, they become much more connected to their inner wisdom. Through this reconnection, they begin to attract the solutions they need to bring their healing process to its full potential." (p. 156)

"Healing is about creating freedom of movement. Think about how much movement the energies of the universe are trying to bring to bear on our body with these natural rhythms." - Barbara Wren (p. 64)

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Barbara Wren on Water/ Dehydration/ Minerals
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Cellular Awakening/ Therapies as Taught by Barbara Wren

Update! New Updated Edition of 'Cellular Awakening': How Your Body Holds and Creates Light:

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