Benefits of Quitting Dairy

I have decided on completely quitting dairy products, i.e. eliminating both raw and pasteurized cheese, eggs and butter off my diet.

The reason for the decision was an interview I read a while back on the Natural News webpage, entitled: "Giving Up Milk and Dairy Results in Positive Transformation in Personal Health".

In the interview, Robert Cohen made the following statement:

"Try seven days -- don't eat any dairy products -- no milk or cheese -- 7 days. And on day 8, go treat yourself to pizza, and have ice cream for dessert, see what happens on day 9. [...]

"... during the first 7 days, the mucus, the phlegm -- you're going to lose three to four quarts of mucus that are clogging your kidney, spleen, pancreas -- all your internal organs. You don't even know it's there! Because it's what the average American eats every day. When you cleanse yourself, it's like a fog lifts out of your body."

When I heard that, I decided that I must try.

But the idea has been building up for a while. Many vegans and raw foodists that I have met seem to have plenty of energy and a good complexion. Their skin is often glowing and they usually lack any bloatedness and pasty-looking skin. And these problems, I have heard, are often to do with eating dairy.

(Of course there are unhealthy raw foodists and vegans out there, but I am talking about the inspiring ones that I met.)

One of the main reasons I want to give up dairy is the promise that it clears my sinuses, improves my breathing (and thus oxygen intake) and cures my persistent cough and need to clear my throat. So far, despite my various health experiments, the only time this cough cleared was during the juice fast. Even during my raw food diet experiments I was still eating raw dairy.

benefits of quitting dairy, quitting dairy

"... I definitely can think clearer, speak clearer, I notice even - getting dairy out of my diet - I was able to breathe a lot better, perform at a better rate, my voice sounded clearer - I was able to do different things with my voice that I hadn't even explored because I was just clogged up and didn't have the breath to do it well, you know, digesting a lot of the dairy products. And I really did notice a difference because first when I stopped eating meat, I still had that congestion. Once I got off the dairy it really just cleared me. Everything became clear."
- Common, in the documentary: "Holistic Wellness for the Hiphop Generation":

Here is some additional inspiration for quitting dairy:

Mike Adams of 'Natural News' interviewed Robert Cohen, the author of 'Milk, the Deadly Poison' (see top of page for link):

"I gave up milk years ago, and after doing so, my sinuses cleared up, digestion was much easier, I had more energy, less fatigue. It was an amazing transformation." - Mike Adams

quitting dairy, dairy-free ice cream
Dairy free living is easier than you think. I like the taste of this soya ice cream more than normal ice cream. You can also make amazing ice creams and sorbets at home with bananas, syrup, etc.

"[On dairy] you diminish your lung capacity, sexual drive, it messes you up in the toilet..." - Robert Cohen

"[MA] Isn't it true that drinking milk even increases body odor and makes you stink?

"[RC] The Japanese used to call Americans "the butter people." Because they could smell us -- they could smell the rotten, putrefying milk and dairy in our skin, and I eat entirely a plant-based diet now, and when I lecture, when I go on tour, I can smell people, and it really is in the sense of smell. But you don't know it until you live that lifestyle, and then it's like a secret handshake that people from the planet vega have! Vegans can smell other people… they know."

"[RC] ... milk is liquid meat. Milk and dairy products are the worst form of these polluting substances. Not only with the tremendous dioxin level, but with the tremendous amount of sulfur. You don't want that rotten egg smell -- that's what accelerates heart disease, and that's what accelerates bone loss. So that's why we find the people living in nations where they eat the most dairy products are the ones with the highest rates of osteoporosis and heart disease."

dairy-free cheese
Dairy-free cashew nut cheese made with rejuvelac, recipe at

I will return here to report how my 'quitting dairy' experiment goes. Once the food intolerance test is complete, I will proceed with a dairy and wheat/ gluten-free diet, and then transition into a raw food lifestyle again. Whether I stay dairy-free forever after will depend on the results I get. I hope to be able to incorporate a little organic butter into my meals but only if it causes no harm.

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