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A collection of the best raw food diet articles on this site, including 7-100 day raw food diaries, book summaries, interviews with raw foodists, science behind the raw food paradigm, documentaries (trailers and summaries), philosophy and much more.

Natural Health

Pros and cons of different holistic practitioners compared, and links to full descriptions of visits. Live blood analysis, hair mineral analysis, traditional chinese medicine, BER allergy testing, nutritionist, dietitian, chiropractor, iridologist, etc.

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Natural Health

All the latest, fresh new articles from this website are shown here in time order. The latest expert advice on natural health, interviews, book summaries, recipes, diet diaries, naturopath visits, juice fasts, natural remedies and more.

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Psychological Healing

Book summary of Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma by Peter A. Levine. The felt sense of the body, the nature of trauma, muscular tension as trauma storage, and new, revolutionary ways of healing are discussed here.

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Today even many meat eaters are deficient in B12 vitamin, say nutritionists, with devastating results in energy levels. Those with acid reflux, anemia, sleep problems or digestion-related problems, as well as people over 60 years of age, are especially in the risk group to have vitamin B12 deficiency. Even if your doctor says you are not deficient, your B12 levels may still unfortunately be far from ideal.

How to make a very easy, simple and powerful probiotic at home to help balance your gut flora and improve your nutrient absorption, as well as the strength of your immune system. To buy probiotic capsules from the shop is very expensive while making kefir at home costs pennies and is more powerful.

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Natural Health

This remedy library has out-of-the-ordinary solutions to completely restart your health and revolutionize your life. Currently there are 220+ conditions listed and the list is constantly growing. Permanent and immediate remedies to a variety of health problems, ranging from small annoyances to serious illnesses.

Although it is the most prevalent mineral in your body, there is a huge difference between calcium that your body can utilize, and the toxic calcium that ends ups clogging your arteries and slowing things down.

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Dairy causes unpleasant body odors, clogs up your system and affects your voice, say vegans and many cultures in Asia, who are dairy-free. The benefits of quitting dairy are easy to experience by undertaking a simple experiment explained here.

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Raw Food Interviews

Move to the mountains, pick fruit all year round, live off nature and cut down your expenses to be free, says Taz, a raw foodist living in Spain.

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Natural Health

The symptoms of food intolerance often come with a delay, unlike those of allergies, making it harder to recognize. Luckily there is a simple way to detect food intolerance reactions and to overcome many even serious health problems.

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The benefits of quitting caffeine were much more profound than I thought.

How to lose belly fat without exercise. Fat of the abdomen is typically difficult to lose by exercise but diet-based approaches are usually very effective.

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Natural Health

The best arthritis home remedies are those which do not only remedy the symptoms of arthritis temporarily but address the underlying problems and are able to help the body heal permanently. Both types of solutions are discussed in this article.

Book summary of John Perkins amazing experiences with the Amazonian tribes and shamanic healing. Beautiful descriptions of life in the rainforest as well as deep understanding of the traditional healing methods and the tribal cultural values are offered to the reader.

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Natural Health

An exciting list of sleep hacks to experiment with in your road of sleeping less, living more, and feeling positively 'charged' during the waking hours.

This pancake recipe is gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, low-sugar and rich in protein and fibre. Fast and easy to cook.

Clearing out confusion. What is in common with alkalinity, negative ions and antioxidants?

A three-week juice fasting diary, including detailed expenditure. The experiment was partly on pasteurized juices, on a low budget and while working. Quite an eye-opener of an experience.

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Natural Health

Despite its dramatic-sounding name, blood electrification is completely non-invasive, simple and painless method to use. A low-current of electricity passes through the wrist, cleaning the blood of pathogens and strengthening the immune system.

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Natural Health

How you can revolutionize your life through healthy living. A collection of the most viewed and most liked articles on this site.

Many of us by now have heard the benefits that live food can provide - but whatabout live water? Live spring water can be much more beneficial to us than most people realize. In this article I will attempt to awaken your curiosity and to begin explaining the benefits.

One of the most exciting things about raw foodism are the amazing smoothies. The taste of a raw food smoothie is completely superior to a normal milk smoothies: for a proof of this, try the 'Vibrations' smoothie recipe here.

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Natural Health

Both long-term and short-term solutions are discussed here. Once you stay away from sugar and refined carbohydrates for a longer period of time, maybe a month, your taste buds will adjust and foods with no added sugar, such as fruit, will start to taste a lot sweeter.

Research in the emerging field of Nutritional Psychiatry shows that there is a strong connection between mental health and a good diet.

Live blood analysis, also called dark field microscopy, uses a special microscope to show your blood cells swimming about on the computer screen. The oxygenation level of the blood, whether the blood is acidic or alkaline; certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies; the presence of bad bacteria, mold and fungus; and the level of inflammation can be addressed.

Fast ways to detoxify alcohol from the body and to help alkalize, rehydrate and strengthen the body. Replacing nutrients lost by alcohol consumption is key.