My Favourite Green Smoothie Recipe, etc.

One of the most exciting things about raw foodism are the amazing smoothies. The taste of a raw food smoothie is completely superior to a normal milk smoothies: for a proof of this, try the 'Vibrations' smoothie recipe below. Raw smoothies contain amazing amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other micro-nutrients, and they are delicious.

Protein Shakes: To turn the recipes below into protein shakes, add hemp seeds, chia seeds, spirulina, almonds, etc. into the smoothie.

The best blender out there is of course Vitamix. It is not cheap but should last you a lifetime.

In addition, the best quality water available on the planet is that stored inside plants - and live smoothies consist to a large degree of this water. On a liquid diet, such as a smoothie or a juice fast, you can rejuvenate all the blood in your body in two days (according to Daniel Vitalis). Our bodies are 80% water and many of us have 'tap water blood'. Living spring water together with a healthy smoothie diet can hugely improve the quality of our blood and the health of our bodies.

The benefits of smoothies are enormous. Apart from the health benefits one of the practical benefits is that they can be surprisingly filling and keep hunger for a long time. It is also the perfect 'emergency food' when you are busy and suddenly become hungry. Smoothies are probably the fastest food on the planet to prepare and the dishes (your knife, the blender jug, and chopping board) don't need washing, just rinsing. Smoothies thus can form the basis of the ultimate 21st Century lifestyle. To read about the importance of green smoothies on a raw food diet specifically, please see the book review on Victoria Boutenko's: 'Green for Life'.

Green smoothies have endless cleansing and rejuvenating powers. The more you can drink the better, but an easy way to start is with a large smoothie each morning, together with a reduced version of your normal breakfast. But drink the smoothie slowly, it is so filling that if you gulp it down quickly you may get a belly ache!

The health benefits of green smoothies include: all the benefits of chlorophyll, listed here in: "Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice, as Taught by Ann Wigmore", e.g. ability to detoxify heavy metals, ability to help blood transport more oxygen into the cells, plenty of minerals, vitamins, and other important nutrients, improvement of stomach acid and therefore digestion, fibre to improve colon health, and all the benefits of living water, listed here: Living Water.
Greens also have in them plenty of protein.
In addition to all these health benefits, greens are also water-rich, alkaline foods, and help you balance your body ph (to not be too acidic) and prevent you from dehydrating.

So let's get to the point of this article. You will need a blender, which you can buy fairly cheaply. My first blender has served me a year and I bought it for £20. I would advice you, however, to not buy one of blenders with the smallest jug sizes but get a good size jug - it will be beneficial being able to make larger quantities at once.

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If you have money to invest, the next step up from a normal blender for green and other healthy smoothies is a power-blender, which generally has more durable blades and can achieve higher speeds. With a power blender, it is claimed, more nutrients get released as the ingredients are chopped to smaller pieces. The most expensive and revered of all blenders, the Vitamix, claims that it can break down the cell walls of chlorophyll, for example, enabling more nutrients to become bioavailable to the body. Personally, I use a normal cheap blender so far and it has served me well (Vitamix costs about £400).

If you don't have a power blender, I recommend also investing some £10 into an electronic coffee grinder, which you can use to break down nuts and seeds. Power blenders, on the other hand, are able to chop nuts and seeds as well and you don't need to pre-grind them.

And now for the healthy green smoothie recipes:

My Favourite Green Smoothie Recipe

This is a quick and easy green smoothie recipe, which I often make myself for breakfast.

  • Two organic apples or one large ripe banana
  • Five large leaves romaine lettuce or a large handful of fresh spinach
  • Three dates chopped very small
  • A handful of frozen raspberries
  • The seeds of one vanilla bean (scraped from the inside of the bean)


  • Over time you can increase the amount of greens and reduce the amount of apples/banana, as you get used to the taste. If you require extra sweetness you can add more dates.
  • Use as many different greens day to day as possible. Rotating greens is important to ensure a good variety of micronutrients but also to ensure that you don't overdose on some of the potential toxins, such as oxalic acid in spinach, goitrogens in kale, etc.
  • You can add 1 tbsp of flax seeds to get the benefits of Omega 3 oils and help with colon cleansing.
  • You can add 1/2 tsp of MSM powder to help your body decalcify.
  • Add 1 tbsp of wheatgrass powder, spirulina or chlorella for extra health benefits of chlorophyll. To make it into a super-green smoothie! (Keep in mind you may not like the taste.)
  • You can add bee pollen to get B-12 vitamin and extra protein.

Tangy and Spicy Green Smoothie Recipe

This green smoothie recipe is for a tangy, lemony taste which I personally love but you may use less lemon if you're not such a great fan. But the main attraction to the taste buds is the fresh coriander.

  • One bunch of fresh coriander (cilantro)
  • Juice of one lemon
  • 3 dates chopped very small
  • One avocado
  • A dash of cayenne pepper
  • Some water (not too much)
green smoothie recipe, green smoothies, healthy smoothie, raw liquid diet, easy raw food recipes
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  • Double the amount for larger blenders
  • Include some of the white lemon pith for extra health benefits
  • Soak dates in water overnight to soften them so that they blend better, if necessary
  • Instead of avocado you may add some cashew nuts and two table spoons of olive oil to make it more thick and creamy
  • If you don't have dates you can add a little maple syrup (ideally raw)
  • If you make the consistency thicker by adding less water, you can have this as a cold soup. You can drizzle olive oil on top and add a few sprigs of fresh coriander for prettiness.

Vibrations Smoothie

This healthy smoothie is not green and includes in it soya milk, which is not raw. If you would like to make a fully raw version of this, use home-made almond milk instead of soya milk. You can make it by blending a small amount of almonds, cinnamon (optional), dates and water into a milk-type consistency.

healthy smoothie, green smoothies, green smoothie recipe, raw liquid diet, easy raw food recipes

This smoothie is pure hedonism. It is definitely the tastiest one on this list. Once you have indulged in the flavours of the pure version of this heavenly creation, you can later start 'hiding' some green leaves into it, if you wish.

  • Banana
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Orange juice
  • Organic soya milk
  • One vanilla bean


  • You can add creaminess by adding some cashew nuts into the smoothie. They may need pre-grinding, depending on your blender.
  • Use very ripe bananas, which have black spots in them (but no mold) for maximum health benefits and more flavour.
  • If you have a power blender you can toss the vanilla bean in as whole. If you have a normal blender, open the vanilla bean, scrape the insides out with a spoon as well as possible for the smoothie and discard the bean pod.


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